Access, SQL, web application development

Bluebird Software specialises in Bespoke Database  Systems

A Bespoke Database System will organise your business workflow and save time because all the information you need is at your fingertips.

A New System

Will give you the space and time you need to develop. Our systems make staff more productive, increase customer and staff satisfaction and give a consistent look-and feel to your business communications. READ MORE »

Business Database Systems

Smart Software from Bluebird can automate the jobs you hate. Standard Letters, e-mails forms and reports can all be produced automatically, saving hours of drudgery. READ MORE »

Upgrade Existing Systems

If you have a system that needs an update – perhaps due to Government Legislation or changes in working practices – we can help. READ MORE »

 Can the Government pay for your New Database?

R&D tax credits are a genuine government incentive to reward innovative businesses that invest in research and development. Ultimately the aim is to stimulate research and development in UK businesses. Advising on R&D tax credits is a specialist service and we have teamed up with Accounting Direct Plus to help your business uncover thousands of pounds of potential unclaimed relief.

The average claim in the U.K. Is £61,000 for SME’s. This cash boost can have a fantastic transformative effect on a business in terms of not being able to innovate further and develop.

 Contact Nigel at Bluebird Software and we will ensure you get the very best advice.