Access, SQL, web application development

Bluebird Software specialises in Bespoke Database  systems that work the way your business works…

saving you time and money by cutting the paperwork and automating time consuming processes and improving efficiency.

Bluebird Software develops user-friendly Bespoke Database Systems for businesses using MS Access.

Based in London, we are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements and to show you examples of our bespoke systems.

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A New System

Will give you the space and time you need to develop your business. Our systems make staff more productive, increase customer and staff satisfaction and give a consistent look-and feel to your business communications.

Business Database Systems

Smart Software from Bluebird can automate the jobs you hate. Standard Letters, e-mails forms and reports can all be produced automatically, saving hours of drudgery. READ MORE »

Upgrade Existing Systems

We will develop your current Database System, retaining your existing data and providing extra information such as  Budget Summaries, and Cash Flow Forecasts…