New Business from Old Customers

Stuck with XP? – Its not too late if you need to update…
Three companies have contacted Bluebird recently because they would love to upgrade their Operating System to Windows 7 or Windows 10, but can’t.
Why? A particular program they use for business will only run on XP – When they try using it on a higher system it freezes or […]

Effective Mail Campaigns – at Oakville

Clients are the life-blood of any business…
But the question is: how do we extend our client base?

The answer is simple: to send out targeted letters.
Oakville Real Estates requested this and much more!

Bluebird Software was able to fulfil all Oakville’s needs by creating an automated, user-friendly and bespoke system, that:

Uploads contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet
Makes it easy to select the contacts […]