About Bluebird Software

Bluebird Software Ltd was founded in 2003 by Nigel Vandyk

Nigel worked for the Ministry of Defence, Marconi and British Aerospace where he developed Trials Analysis Software. He has lectured on Database Systems and Programming at London College of Management and IT, an accredited university.

“I realised there were many thousands of businesses whose profitability could be improved by automating their staff and customer systems.”

“I wanted to design database software built that works in a similar way to a Client’s existing paper based system. This means that Company staff need very little additional training to use it and it becomes their system – not one imposed from outside.”

“Our systems are designed to be easy for the user to operate – which does not necessarily mean easy to program. Before we develop a system, we spend time analysing what the system is meant to do, and discuss and agree a strategy.”

We understand that having a good Database System is just one element in using IT effectively across the company. Our Associates have skills in IT Management, IT Software and Hardware, Web Development and IT Training that complement our own. We therefore can provide advice and support on all types of IT problems.

Case Studies

Carpet Retailer
Track Orders to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

When looking to re-order, for carpet suppliers using Bluebird software, its effortless.

Insolvency Practitioners
Track & Analyse Client Time to Optimize Efficiency

Used to keep track of client time and then calculate the cost based on the Fee-Earner rate.

Chartered Surveyors
Tracked, from initial enquiry to the final invoice

Create job sheets, record bookings, email invoices and send text messages all linked to your accountancy system.

Specialists in solutions for Carpet Retailing, Insolvency Practices & Process Tracking

Specialists in solutions for Carpet Retailing, Insolvency Practices & Process Tracking