Bespoke databases

Is there a hurdle slowing down your business?

A hurdle which creates inefficiency, muddle and low morale. It can cause a business literally to seize up and collapse under its own weight.

What am I talking about? In a nutshell, your business processes. The non-creative work you have to do between contacting the Client and getting your money for a job well done.

…which gets worse the bigger the business gets

For a small Company, the finding the customer, setting out his or her requirements, obtaining the materials, building the product, arranging delivery and producing an invoice can be handled by one or two members of staff. But as the workload gets bigger, you need more staff. Staff need to be trained, paid and they occupy expensive office space. And these extra staff are not directly contributing to your bottom line. So your Company’s efficiency slumps and profits fall.

So, is there a solution?

There is. Many companies have automated many parts of their business processes by either buying an off-the-shelf package or using a series of spreadsheets to, for example keep track of customer orders. This is a partial solution. But, with  a cobbled-together system the parts don’t fit together well. The system only works well when the person who designed  is using it. When the designer is ill, goes on holiday or leaves the Company, the system grinds to a halt.

We offer the best solution – A system designed for your business

Our systems are designed expressly for your business ensuring that nearly all the processes are automated and flow naturally from one situation to the next. The systems we develop send out e-mails, interface with MS Word, Outlook and Excel and are designed to be multi-user so that several people can input or find information at the same time.

A Conveyancing Solicitor in Barnet is often asked to quote for buying or selling property. When people asked him for prices, he would have to say “Can I ring you back?”
Now, he quotes over the phone, to the nearest penny.

Result- No wasted time spent calculating Stamp Duty, Search Fees etc.
No wasted time ringing people back to be told: “Oh – I have already gone with X”
and people can’t help thinking “This Solicitor knows what he is doing – let’s go with him.”

I don’t need a Database System – Do I ?

No, you don’t need a Database to run a business – if you don’t mind doing everything manually.

Filing Cabinets

Let me give you an example of a manual system…

A plumbing Company in Borehamwood employs twenty plumbers – and they have twelve secretaries to support those twenty plumbers. The secretaries have to book in the job, find a time slot, book in a plumber and issue the plumber with the job sheet. The plumber has to book out the materials, record the time taken to do the job and give the completed job sheet back to the secretary who then has to process the job sheet, send out the invoice to the customer and enter the details in the accounts. It is difficult to get into the office because it is crammed with filing cabinets – over twenty of them at the last count, all stuffed with paper.

If the Company used a Database System rather than the manual system, the administrative costs would drop tremendously. Plumbers would be sent details of their next job by email and receive them on a Smart Phone. After doing the work, they would send the time and material details back to the Office via http or email, and the invoice could be posted or emailed to the customer. Half as many staff would be required and the entire system would run twice as fast.
Not only that but, an automated system can easily send out reminders to customers for routine maintenance and boiler servicing at yearly intervals without any additional staff input, providing valuable repeat business.

Reduce Administration Time

A Bespoke Database System can ensure that the time spent administering your business is kept to an absolute minimum and also provides that the facts and figures you need to run a business are instantly available. So, plumbers can plumb without worrying about paperwork and the overhead of employing non-productive staff such as secretaries and administrators is kept to a minimum.

A Snapshot of your Business

A Custom Database system can also take a snapshot of your business at any time and give an overview of its performance:

  • Who is working on What?
  • How much money do we have tied up in stock
  • Do we need to hire another member of staff – or have we got too many?
  • Can we pay next month’s wage bill?
  • What is the value of the Work in Progress?
  • Has stock gone missing from the shelves?
  • Can’t I buy Something off the Shelf?

There are many packages available but these are either overcomplicated with facilities your business does not need or they do not go far enough. Although the initial purchase price of an off the shelf item can be low, when special stationery, training, the cost of a helpline and the hidden cost of having to upgrade every couple of years are factored in, a custom or bespoke database system can be much better value.

A Company Asset

The advantage of a Bespoke Database System means that your business can make money without you being present every working day. When you come to sell your business, the Database System will often be the deciding factor. Why? Because the buyer knows that he has not just the premises, and the staff but also a system that generates money for the business.

The Best Decision you ever made

At Bluebird Software, clients are constantly telling us how the system has saved them time, stress and worry and how it runs in their absence and gives staff a chance to do what they are good at – rather than getting bogged down in paperwork. Don’t you owe it to your business?

Do you already have a System?

Many businesses have a computerised system in Excel or Access that no longer does what they want. Bluebird Software can develop your existing system so that it now meets your needs or create a Brand New Bespoke System for you.