New database system


Information is the Life-Blood of business.

At Bluebird we design systems that take away the pain of storing and finding information rapidly. An investment in a Database system is one of your most cost–effective investments you can make. It goes on paying back year after year and is a valuable commodity when you come to sell your business.

A Database system can:

  • Send out invoices and statements by post or email as pdf documents
  • Set Outlook Reminders and send emails automatically
  • Link to MS Word or Excel to import or export data
  • Send SMS Messages to Mobile phones
  • Produce mail merge and email merge letters

A Process Driven Database

Goes through each step of a complex procedure for each case ensuring that:

  • All previous steps are completed properly before moving to the next one
  • Saves time by generating customised emails, letters and Outlook reminders as required.
  • Produces statistics on time spent on each case, type of case etc.

A database can also answer questions like:

  • Who are my six most profitable customers and how much did each of them spend?
  • How much of my capital is tied up in stock?
  • Who owes me money, how much and for how long?

All database systems are designed to be fast at searching, filtering and extracting ‘needles from haystacks’  i.e. getting one small piece of information from millions of records.

Databases are designed to be shared by tens, hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time.

What’s so special about a Bespoke Database?

Every business has their own way of working and recording information. Although there are many systems that cover specific areas like CRM, Accounts and systems designed for vertical markets such as Hotels and Dry Cleaners,  you will be unlikely to find an ‘off-the-shelf’ system that perfectly suits your business.

A system that grows with your Organisation

As your business evolves, so can the System we have designed for it. Sometimes the changes are required from outside, for example changes in Employment Law or Tax, sometimes internally, for example from staff changes.

You will not need to go through the trauma of scrapping an old system, transferring data to the new system, and retraining staff, let alone the high financial purchase cost . The we design for you can evolve at your pace to meet your budget.

Below are just a few of the businesses we have developed systems for:

  • Studio 136 -Architects specialising in Loft Conversions and Extensions
  • We produced a system that generates a complete process from Initial Quotation to Planning Permission Approval, automatically generating Emails, documents and letters.
  • Global Mediation
  • This organisation sets up mediations and the system finds a suitable date for both parties, books the mediation room, contacts the mediator and provides statistics on the results.
  • Accountants and Insolvency Practitioners
    Time Recording system, tracking time spent on Clients and invoicing Clients for this time. For Insolvency Practitioners, it produces a legally required SIP9 form for each client on demand.
  • B&R Carpets,  Hampstead
    Our system not only records the customer’s order but orders the Carpet from the wholesaler, produces a Job Specification as well as a final invoice.
  • Conveyancing Solicitors
    Complete Case Management System producing Client Care letters and calculating Stamp Duty, Search fees etc.
  • Training Course Management
    The system we developed for one of the largest Paint Companies in Europe, manages Delegate Bookings, sending training and venue documentation, waiting lists in one easy to use package.
  • Health and Safety Monitoring Companies
    Producing complete Health and Safety Reports directly from Surveyors Notes without retyping
  • A Nursery and Primary School
    Producing, Class Lists, storing details of pupils allergies, carers, doctors and producing form letters about class outings, term details etc.
  • A Hospital Trust
    A complete Patient Booking System producing Patient reminder letters and Consultant’s lists
  • Chan Bros Ltd
    A barcode driven system that tracks frozen food from the moment a pallet enters the warehouse
  • East Finchley Electrical
    Booking appointments, producing Fitters Worksheets and invoicing Clients

All of these systems have become an integral part of the business, speeding up routine work, and ensuring that all staff are spending the absolute minimum of time on repetitive activities.

“We really like the work you have done so far on the Database and we see a huge amount of potential and want to enhance it further. I know it has been a long and slow process, but my brother and I are now keen to move things forward as quickly as possible, we are prepared to spend whatever is required to complete the system and add some new things.”  Tarron Miller – B&R Carpets

“Your work has transformed our Customer Contact Service and the failsafe element you incorporated into the system ensures no customer ever misses a service call” – James Ecclestone – Casemir Chocolates Ltd

“The Conveyancing Software you developed for us has transformed the way we do our work” Jeff Finegold – Howard Schneider, Spiro & Steele, Solicitors.

“This is perfect! Thank you and also a big thank you for your work on the diagnostic, we are really pleased with the outcome and I hope to work with you again in the near future.” Shalene Pugh – Jackson Samuel Consulting and Search.