Seven Myths about MS Access Databases


1. It is a Toy – Not for Real Database Use

False. Where did you hear that – and who did you hear it from? Access gets a bad press from SQL Server Developers because it is so much easier to design a complete system with it than using, for example .NET Forms and SQL Server.

Literally tens of thousands of Companies […]

New Business from Old Customers

Stuck with XP? – Its not too late if you need to update…
Three companies have contacted Bluebird recently because they would love to upgrade their Operating System to Windows 7 or Windows 10, but can’t.
Why? A particular program they use for business will only run on XP – When they try using it on a higher system it freezes or […]

Effective Mail Campaigns – at Oakville

Clients are the life-blood of any business…
But the question is: how do we extend our client base?

The answer is simple: to send out targeted letters.
Oakville Real Estates requested this and much more!

Bluebird Software was able to fulfil all Oakville’s needs by creating an automated, user-friendly and bespoke system, that:

Uploads contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet
Makes it easy to select the contacts […]

Ten Top tips for Entering Data

If you regularly have to enter data into an Access Form, these tips should save you a great deal of time and frustration.

1)Skip to Next Field

 Use the Tab key to get to the next field. Use hold down the SHIFT key and press TAB to get to the previous field.

2) Combo Boxes

When finding an option in a Combo Box, click […]