Global Mediation

Nigel was recommended as a programmer and designed a new bespoke case management system for our mediation company. His work was excellent and we are very pleased with the result which is in use every day and essential to our business. Nigel takes pride in his work and was always very responsive and clear about how everything would work. Nigel was 100% reliable and travelled to us at short notice if issues needed resolving. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable bespoke software solution and will certainly use Nigel again to help with our next project.

Adam Gersch
Barrister at Chambers of Anthony Metzer QC

February 15, 2016, Adam was Nigel’s client

Since Bluebird created our new database for us a couple of years ago it has completely transformed how we do our job. No more costly paper mailouts, no more compiling data by hand, no more using three programs when one should suffice – it has freed us up to concentrate on the more important aspects of our business and we can relax in the knowledge that their software is looking after everything that we need it to. They designed it specifically to our needs and worked on it until it was exactly right. Their software has saved us untold amounts of time, money and stress.

Krister Greer – Wild UK

Now I can give estimates for buying and selling property over the phone, accurate to the nearest penny. I don’t know how we managed without your system

Jeff Finegold – Howard Schneider, Spiro and Steele – Solicitors.

Your Time-Clocking system has saved my company thousands

Jimmy Osmond – Managing Director – Krest Transfers

Issuing invoices and producing budget summaries used to take me hours – now it takes minutes.

Christina – Blass Designs

When a club member rings up I can find their details in seconds.

Peter Lovell – General Manager North London Enterprise Club.

Automating ordering and invoicing has meant I have doubled my turnover using the same number of staff.

Tony Iameo – Managing Director – Ukay Fuels Ltd.