Effective Mail Campaigns – at Oakville

Effective Mail Campaigns – at Oakville

Oakville Real Estates LogoClients are the life-blood of any business…
But the question is: how do we extend our client base?

The answer is simple: to send out targeted letters.
Oakville Real Estates requested this and much more!

Bluebird Software was able to fulfil all Oakville’s needs by creating an automated, user-friendly and bespoke system, that:

  • Uploads contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Makes it easy to select the contacts they wish to target for a campaign
  • Imports a set of letters for each campaign.
  • Selects any number of appropriate mail-merge letters of their choosing and sends them out at regular intervals.
  • There is no limit to the amount of campaigns that can be run concurrently. 

If you need more clients – let Bluebird design a system to suit your individual requirements