How a Custom Database can save you Money and…

Our Custom Databases will save you money from the day they’re installed… and go on saving you money year after year.

Dino at East Finchley Electrical is saving over £40,000 a year by employing two extra electricians for his contracting business instead of two clerks who used to do the work that Bluebird’s Diary System does.

The owner of Oakville Estates in East London has already earned over £2,000 in commission from the Mailing Database System we installed at his offices.

Two Insolvency Practices are saving over £30,000 a year by using our Time Recording System instead of having to employ an extra member of staff.

Saving money is really just one aspect of automating a part of your business. Let’s look at other ways a system like the ones I mentioned can help your business..

… give you less stress

The real saving is the stress it takes away from you as a manager and your staff. How?

Quite simply, automating your business means that information is seamlessly and instantly transferred from the people that create it to the people that need it – in a form they can read and understand.

… save you time

How much time? Literally days!. Hours saved by not duplicating work, by not having to reformat text, by not having to proof-read and correct transcription errors. A system we made for a Road Repair Laboratory takes text and pictures straight from a Smartphone and turns it into a Report which is automatically uploaded to a Website for the client to review. Every report used to take four days to prepare. Now each report takes less than an hour.

… put everyone in the picture

In many organisations there is the man or woman who ’knows everything’ or ‘where everything is’. This is great until he or she threatens to leave or demands a pay rise. A database can share information that anyone who needs to can find things. A case in point is the system we developed for Chan Brothers which displays in real time maps of all four store rooms showing the location and quantity of each item of stock.

… pay for itself year after year

The Break-Even point for a typical Database System is usually reached after a couple of years or less…and it goes on creating wealth. It doesn’t go sick –or on strike or take a holiday, and with minor updates to take account of the changes in your business it can keep going almost indefinitely.

… add Value to your Business

When you come to sell, a prospective buyer will look at your business and say ‘Will it make money for me’. When the buyer sees how the system is used to make you money he can be that bit more certain that it will make him or her money as well.

…But don’t just take our word for it – give us a ring now and we are happy to explain exactly what a Bespoke System can do for YOUR business.