New Business from Old Customers

New Business from Old Customers

Stuck with XP? – Its not too late if you need to update…WinNoWay

Three companies have contacted Bluebird recently because they would love to upgrade their Operating System to Windows 7 or Windows 10, but can’t.

Why? A particular program they use for business will only run on XP – When they try using it on a higher system it freezes or crashes.

We recently discovered the major reason for this and it is to do with privilege.

The Operating System   needs to store information about where required files are located, user details and preferences and uses a special file called the Registry.

With early versions of Windows, the Registry was an easy target for Malware and viruses and so, with Windows 7 and above, access was restricted so that only certain programs had sufficient privileges to access the Registry.

This is one of the features that makes Windows 7 and 10 much more secure than earlier versions.

Unfortunately, software written for Windows XP, often developed in Visual Basic 6 used to frequently read from and write to the Registry.

This access is not available in Windows 7 and later because the software has insufficient privileges.

At Bluebird Software we have been able to bypass Registry calls so that information required by the Program is written and read from a special file which acts in exactly the same way.

This means these companies will be able to use their programs in Windows 7, Windows 8 and  Windows 10.

Are you in this situation?
If so, please contact Bluebird Software and we can get you moving again.