Time Recording System for Insolvency Practitioners

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Over the last few years we have developed a Time Recording System specifically for Insolvency Practitioners that records time by all staff in a simple flexible form and produces SIP9 Reports and Client Invoices as well as detailed time and cost breakdowns over a number of headings. The system has the following key points:

    • Produces SIP9 Reports for all Cases
    • Incorporates Billing VAT Exemption for IVA, CVA and PVA insolvency states
    • Simple and foolproof to book Time and Disbursements including Pre and Post-Appointment Time and Non-Chargeable time.
    • SIP 9 adheres strictly to ICAEW guidelines: ‘Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs) England and Wales’
    • Multi User System – All Staff can book time, produce Management Reports and use other functions at the same time.
    • New feature for 2013 allows staff to book time on an Excel Spreadsheet which can be automatically input into the system.
    • Security features (e.g. production of SIP9’s, Invoices and Reports can be restricted to Senior Staff.)
    • Full breakdown available of all time costs for any case over any period
    • Offloading of old cases to a backup database.
    • Reports showing Work In Progress, Time Booking Breakdown by Client or for all Clients.
    • Export of Reports to Excel


Currently in daily use at several Insolvency Practitioners around the country, the system allows administrative tasks connected with billing to be reduced to a minimum whilst providing the full statutory reporting to Clients.


The cost includes:

  • Customisation to your Company
  • Installation on your PC or networked System and customised for your staff and the way you work
  • Half a Day’s training (Additional training can be provided if required).
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step manual
  • Support for 3 months via remote Access Software

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