Accountants Time Recording


 Accountants Time Recording

allows you to monitor how much work you are doing for your Clients. It records the time spent for each Fee-Earner on each Client and breaks down the work by type.  It then calculates the cost based on the Fee-Earner rate.





The system :

  • Is simple to use by all members of staff
  • Produces detailed analysis and costing of all Client Work
  • Records disbursements and the reason for each disbursement
  • Records and breaks down Non-Chargeable bookings including holiday, sickness, Staff Meetings etc
  • Can Apply different rates for a single Fee Earner for different types of work
  • Incorporates a stopwatch for timing long phone calls and specific pieces of work
  • Produces daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns of Staff activity
  • Your Data in house on YOUR Server – you are not dependant on the Internet for access to your data
  • Priced at only £99 + VAT for the single user system, it is designed to be used by the cost-conscious Accountant

The system is designed for each member of staff to record their own times, but an Administrator can record all users bookings for any day. TimeBookingInput

It is easy to edit any booking by selecting the entry and clicking EDIT. Disbursements A Timer is incorporated to record a continuous activity or Client Phone Calls.








The Management Switchboard allows access to all bookings.

Any booking can be marked as ‘billed’ so that the live bookings can be shown as ‘Work in Progress’ . Any booking can be edited from the screen below. BillWorkTab


There are two sets of Reports, Client Reports and Fee Earner  Reports

Client Reports

You can select any Client – or all Clients over any period to provide a summary or detailed report.

There are many more features of this program. If you would like more information and  a free Demo version   please complete the Contact Form and mention ATR.