Upgrade an Existing System

Is your Existing Database System Showing its Age?

Bluebird Software can upgrade the system with no loss of data and provide you with additional reports, security measures and user friendliness but keeping the essentials of the existing system.

Here’s a list of tests you can use, to find out if you need to upgrade your database

For example, a Client may ring a staff member. Can he or she rapidly get all the information they need to respond to the Client on the phone. Can they answer questions about availability, quote prices and dates or is their response:“I’m sorry, I don’t have this information at the moment. Can I ring you back?”
Databases are designed to be shared by several people at the same time. This means several people can add new records or change information simultaneously. If you can’t do this, then you are not getting the best use from your system.
Do you have to give someone a special task to come up with the Sales Figures for the last quarter? Do your staff resort to taking snapshots of tables and copying them into Excel so that they can analyse the data? Do you have to prepare documents such as statements and form letters manually?
Can a new member of staff start using the database straight away or do they need a long induction period? Do they have to remember items like Customer Codes and Product numbers? Is it easy to search for data even if the information they have is incomplete? Is it overcomplicated with features you don’t need or want or slow you down?
Is the writing too small? Does the programmer think that a bright purple or fluorescent pink background is really cool ?

Old Fashioned Grey Access FormAlternatively, are all forms a uniform grey?
Is it easy to enter data without having to use the mouse?

Do the forms use the space available to the full or occupy only a small portion of the screen?

Do you have to go out of the database and then go back in? Do you frequently have to ‘Compact and Repair’ it?

Large databases are slow to open and slow to save data. They are more likely to get corrupted. Large databases are often due to poor design, saving unnecessary or duplicate information.

– and restore it from backup files in an emergency?

Experiencing any of the issues listed above, then let us know

Bluebird are happy to offer a free consultation to discover your requirements and design the best solution.

Working from Home – Or From the Office?

Bluebird Systems using Azure SQL Server Back End are designed to work from any location where there is an Internet Connection.

Many of our customers are attracted to the following features:

  • Customised Emails individually tailored to each Client with attachments also customised.
  • Royal Mail Postcode Search – To ensure your letters, invoices and staff have the correct address.
  • Easy data transfer to and from Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic secure backup by Microsoft on the Cloud

We can install these features to an existing Database or as an add-on to any of our databases described.

Case Studies

Carpet Retailer
Track Orders to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

When looking to re-order, for carpet suppliers using Bluebird software, its effortless.

Insolvency Practitioner
Track & Analyse Client Time to Optimize Efficiency

Used to keep track of client time and then calculate the cost based on the Fee-Earner rate.

Chartered Surveyors
Tracked, from initial enquiry to the final invoice

Create job sheets, record bookings, email invoices and send text messages all linked to your accountancy system.

Specialists in solutions for Carpet Retailing, Insolvency Practices & Process Tracking

Specialists in solutions for Carpet Retailing, Insolvency Practices & Process Tracking