Ten Top tips for Entering Data

Ten Top tips for Entering Data

If you regularly have to enter data into an Access Form, these tips should save you a great deal of time and frustration.


1)Skip to Next Field

 Use the Tab key to get to the next field. Use hold down the SHIFT key and press TAB to get to the previous field.

2) Combo Boxes

When finding an option in a Combo Box, click inside the box and enter the first few letters of the item. The selection will filter the data to show only the items beginning with those characters.

3) To enter Today’s date hold down the CTRL key and press ; (semicolon)

4) To copy a field from the previous entry hold down CTRL and press @ (At sign)

5) To clear a half entered record press ESC

6) To save a record, press CTRL + S or SHIFT + Enter

7) To find an item, hold down the CTRL key and press F. In the Find What box, type in the text you want and click on FIND NEXT.

Find and Replace

8) Think Inside the Box

Sometimes, when entering data in a text box, pressing ENTER causes the cursor to skip to a different control. If that is the case CTRL + ENTER will insert a newline in that text box.

9) Input Copied Text

Text can easily be copied from other documents, from emails or from the Internet to put in your data. To do this, select the text you want to add, press CTRL + C (copy) and click in the Text box you want to copy it to and press CTRL + V (paste).  You can also use this technique if you have entered data in the wrong box.

Select the data and use CUT (CTRL + X) to remove it from one field and CTRL + V to paste it into another one.

Sometimes it is difficult to select the whole record. A really useful tip is to click anywhere in the previous record (press Shift TAB) and then press TAB. The whole record is selected. To see the whole field, click into the text box and press Shift and function key F2. A Zoom box appears showing the whole field.Zoom Example

Note that depending on the type of data expected:

a) The text may not have text effects or colours after you have added it
b) The text may be cut off after 255 characters have been reached.

10) Adding Dates and Times

 In Europe,  enter Day /Month/Year in the form dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy using leading zeros. Years can be two digit or four digit.

Eg 6th May 2010 can be entered 06/05/10 or 06/05/2010.

In the USA, the Months and days are reversed so that the US Christmas in 2014 falls on 12/25/14  or 12/25/2014.

If you need to enter a time, the separator should be a colon (:) . Use 24 hour time. Eg eight minutes and 30 seconds past 2pm should be written 14:08:30

Using combination keys like say SHIFT + TAB

The CTRL key, the ALT key the SHIFT and Windows keys just modify the information sent from the QWERTY keyboard. So you can hold down these modifier keys first, and only when you press a character key is the information sent to the computer.

So to add a date into a Word document, hold down the ALT and Shift keys and whilst holding them down, press D.

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